Announcing the Venture Fellowship

We are often asked “how do I get a job in venture?”

This is a hard question to answer succinctly, because there are a variety of paths into venture and the process is filled with arcana that are often specific to both your background as a candidate and to the specific firm you’re targeting.

In 2019, we’re launching a research project that will surface information helpful to people looking to begin careers in venture capital. This research will be conducted by the 2019 Venture Fellow for the Effective Research Institute, JJ MacLean.

Over the course of the coming months, JJ will conduct first party research on what makes for a successful entry into the world of venture capital. He will report his findings here in hopes of making this information more accessible to those interested in starting a career in venture capital.

You can subscribe to this blog for updates, and you can reach JJ MacLean on Twitter if you’d like to help contribute to the project.