How to be an Angel Investor:
This presentation contains my advice for new angel investors.

Interviews with angels: 
Video interviews with successful investors sharing their advice.

Recommended reading: 
Links to resources that offer expanded or different opinions.

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Guidelines for Good Angel Investing:

In 2014, I taught a small class about angel investing, it covers most of what I've learned in my first few years of investing. I've posted most of our class material on this site in hope that it can be helpful to you too.

Teaching that class was fun. I taught 8 students over one year. Ultimately, the lectures convinced several people that investing wasn't for them at this time (which I consider a win; being realistic about the risks before investing is very important).

There were also 3 of the 8 people that decided to start investing in earnest, and are still happy with that decision a few years later.

I hope to teach the class again in a few years.

Interviews with Experienced Angel Investors:

In 2013, I started interviewing investors I enjoyed working with. The goal was to help show what made them successful (and how they worked to improve until they became good).

My hope was this would help new investors. Here are a few of my favorite video Interviews from this project:

In 2016, I continued this work with AngelList. You can listen below (and subscribe on Soundcloud):

Recommended Reading:

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My hope is this site will help aspiring angel investors avoid being the type of investors that end up hurting the companies they work with (usually through ignorance, not malice). Being a pain to work with is anti-correlated with success... if you're going to invest, please be a force for good.

Everything on this page is intended to be freely available to anyone interested in consuming it. Feel free to share however you like, as long as you do not charge anyone for access to this material.